With 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, Armando Rodriguez has gained the respect of many. Armando partnered with Ruben Jimenez and opened Aztecas in the early 90's. His goal was to provide authentic Mexican food in an atmosphere that reflected Mexico. He wanted to prove that Mexico not only had good food to offer but a rich architecture as well. Armando was able to fulfill this vision when he opened Hacienda San Miguel Mexican Restaurant in 2005. The idea for the style of the restaurant came from a small colonial town located near Armando’s home state of Guanajuato named San Miguel de Allende.

Many of the restaurant's architectural designs are typical of the region. It was also important for Armando to create a family friendly atmosphere and for this very reason he included patios in both restaurants. Dining outside has always been a tradition in Mexican families that Armando wanted to include in his restaurants. His passion for providing great Mexican food and detailed traditional architecture makes for an unforgettable dining experience!